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Rosie Esquivel

Graphics  |  Illustration  |  Art 


I’m a graphic designer who crafts creative solutions for your business. I'm inspired by the challenge of taking an idea and turning it into a visual story that evokes emotion. I strive to create designs that are not only visually pleasing but also have a purpose behind them.

Georgia Furniture Mart

  • Design campaigns that included website assets, printed signage, and web advertisements​

  • Work with large-scale printers in-house to provide all signage for showrooms

My Work

OHBoN Studios

  • Digitize watercolor artwork to use on various printed materials

  • Create and finalize all designs including calendars, posters, and art prints


Pivotal Partners

  • Craft apparel designs after extensive research of trends specific to the target audience for each apparel program

  • Design structures needed to hold merchandise in store

  • Design any assets needed for advertisement